Industry 4.0

posted by Dr Khalil Khan - 6 June 2017

“Amidst the noise within the drive to Industry 4.0, a strategy is forming amongst enlightened businesses”


TATA Steel Engineering Achievement Ceremony

posted by Dr Khalil Khan - 1 February 2017

On 25th Jan 2017 TATA held an engineering achievement ceremony to recognize the academic accomplishments of TATA Engineering staff. The event also highlighted the achievement of 22 of the TATA engineers who attended the metal Design for Reliability course.


Design for Reliability

posted by Bryan Jones - 16 January 2017

Design for Reliability

All engineering equipment has a finite life, and deteriorates because of use, elapsed time or a combination of both. For effective plant management the key is to understand and control elements that pose the greatest risk to the value stream, maximising equipment or system availability, and minimising the lifecycle costs of the plant.


First In Class

posted by Dr Khalil Khan - 8 December 2016

The Active Classroom

In November metal delivered the first ever course to be taught in Specific’s Active Classroom, a brand new facility showcasing the concept of buildings as power stations.

The Active Classroom has green eco credentials at its core, it uses renewable technology that is available on the market to produce and store energy so that it becomes a self- sustaining building.