Design for Reliability

This course provides an overview of practical aspects of reliability engineering methodology and unfolds ways to achieve highly reliable and cost-effective systems demanded by today’s market.

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Who should attend?

The course is aimed at people who wish to gain and improve their foundation knowledge in both quality and reliability engineering. Typical candidates include both technical personnel and engineers.

Course aims

To provide a basic introduction to both quality and reliability engineering. The delegates will acquire a knowledge on system engineering aspects of monitoring, control, reliability, survivability, integrity and maintenance, and relate design for reliability principles to on-site engineering.

Learning outcomes
Demonstrate a wide knowledge and comprehensive understanding of reliability engineering principles. Course delegates will be able to critically evaluate design problems, and understand how to apply design for reliability principles.
Course programme
  • Fundamentals of quality and reliability including classification of failures
  • System Engineering Approach
  • Block diagram analysis (series, parallel, standby and backup systems)
  • Cost of Reliability
    • Initial cost & post-implementation cost
    • Total lifetime operating cost
    • Quality (specification, normal distribution and probability)
    • Root cause analysis
    • Failure modes & eects analysis
    • Stress-strength analysis
    • Material selection
    • Reliability centred maintenance
    • Breakdown & preventative maintenance
    • Installation & commissioning
  • Principles of Design for Reliability
    • Element/component selection
    • Stress-strength relationship
    • Environment
    • Minimum complexity
    • Redundancy
    • Diversity
    • System reliability
3 days plus assessment.
2 hour written exam.

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