Taster Sessions

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Layer Manufacturing

Tuesday 5th September 2017, 8am – 10.30am
Presenter: Dr Nick Lavery
Location: Swansea University Bay Campus

"Additive manufacturing really opens up design possibilities for things that have been difficult or impossible to do before..."

Additive Manufacturing, also known as AM or 3-D Printing, has rapidly developed from prototyping of concept-stage designs to a flexible manufacturing route in its own right. With costs reducing all the time, and machines becoming more readily available, AM is becoming more accessible, not only to big businesses but also to SMEs.

The method has the potential to create components which fulfil in-service requirements for a huge range of applications – from aerospace structural, aero engine or automotive, all the way through to medical implants.

In this taster session, Dr Nick Lavery will demonstrate how developments in AM are pushing flexible innovation, through the alloys used, the various types of metal-based systems, and the software developments benefitting from the design freedom of AM.

In addition to an overview of the current status of AM, attendees will benefit from a focused insight into Laser Powder Bed Fusion systems. The session will also offer an exciting practical introduction to the software (CAD to slicing) and hardware available at Swansea University.
Quote: Mikael Shuisky, Operations Manager for AM at Sandvik Machining Solutions AB.

Active Classroom

Sustainable Smart Buildings

Tuesday 3rd October 2017, 8am – 10.30am
Presenter: Jo Morgan
Location: SPECIFIC Active Classroom, Swansea University Bay Campus

Imagine a building that can think for itself, that can continuously adapt to changes in its environment to optimize its energy and water use.

In this short seminar, SPECIFIC’s Building Integration Manager Joanna Morgan, will introduce the concept of buildings that co-exist with their environment. Jo will explore the idea of buildings that are energy positive - generating renewable energy for heat and power, conserving and recycling water.

Describing work being undertaken to develop a sustainable smart buildings concept, Jo will use case study examples of building demonstrators, as well as looking at some of the other projects with partners.  Also included will be an overview of some of the current renewable technologies and the construction materials employed.

By the end of the session, attendees will have an understanding of the importance of smart buildings and how they fit into the wider sustainability agenda for the UK.

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