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METaL’s Hot Rolling Fundamentals – from development to delivery

Dr Lee Bridgeman
17 July 2017

New for 2017, the Hot Rolling Fundamentals course officially went live on the 20th June, and was attended by twelve eager students at the Baglan Bay Innovation Centre (BBIC).

At first glance the course may have seemed best suited to only the most hard-core of roller-men. But our attendees were not to be put off; over the course of three days Hot Rolling Fundamentals provided a varied and enlightening journey through steel making, pure science, metallurgy, and engineering.

The course content encompassed rolling history, atomic scale chemistry for solid solution strengthening, hot rolling methods for deep plastic deformation and non-equilibrium cooling techniques to significantly enhance product placement. The importance of rolling processes in creating and finishing steel when producing a diverse range of sophisticated fabricating materials, cannot be emphasised highly enough. As such, the course was developed in close collaboration with the Hot Rolling Mill team, to ensure that learning material specifically benefitted the professional development of participants within this field. With this goal in mind, it was essential to seek some onsite expertise; area production manager David Radford stepped up to the challenge and has been instrumental in course creation. Gareth Griffiths, works manager of hot rolled products, offered tremendous support in maintaining momentum to drive the course forward.

The team delivering Hot Rolling Fundamentals were selected to maximise the learning experience by offering a broad knowledge of applied sciences, as well as an expert understanding of the hot rolling process and rolling equipment. METaL, as a project, were fortunate enough to have the support of Ed Morris in delivering this course. Ed is a retired Rolling Mill manager and metallurgist, with over 20 years’ experience in industrial based lecturing and teaching, and 30 years’ experience in all hot rolling areas. Additionally, Ed has three years’ experience at senior management level within the steel slab processing department. Ed’s practical understanding of Hot Mill infrastructure was of huge benefit on this course in terms of engaging participants, and generating classroom debates.

On the successful completion of the first 3-day course, the feedback has been highly encouraging with 100% of participants rating the course as either ‘excellent’ or ‘good’. Students commented on the friendly atmosphere created by the course facilitators, and the depth of real-world knowledge shown by the lecturers.

“Information was of a great help.”
“The best part of the course was learning about different parts of the hot mill that I didn't know a lot about.”
“Excellent course, well presented.”
“Great course to go on with great information provided on the overall rolling process.”