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Focus On: Practical Metallurgy

Dr Michael Shakib
19 March 2018


Come with us on a journey through the inner workings of the wonderful material that is metal. Let’s face it, we all use it, we all need it; now let’s learn about it so we can appreciate it a little bit more.  

Initially the METaL Practical Metallurgy course focuses on the study of metals at an atomic level, i.e. the things we can’t see, even with state of the art microscopes. Keeping this knowledge in the back of our minds, we will gradually build on these concepts to appreciate how things look and behave at a microscopic level. Finally, we take real samples and test them to destruction, with attendees gaining an appreciation that ‘it's all interconnected’, a real atom-to-application experience. 

The course is designed to be as practical as possible, with students being taught hands on techniques such as metallographic preparation, optical/electron microscopy, hardness, impact and tensile testing, along with all the relevant theoretical concepts that coincide.  

In keeping with our historical ties to industry here in Swansea, the Practical Metallurgy course focuses mainly on steels and copper alloys – attendees will gain an understanding of how to interpret alloy phase diagrams, as well as dealing with microstructure features and the resultant mechanical properties, which will apply to any metal. 

The Practical Metallurgy course is hugely beneficial for any business which works with metal, be it foundries, suppliers, stockist, machinists, welders, fabricators, steel makers, aerospace industries…the list goes on!

The basic knowledge gained on this course can go a long way in optimizing designs, canvasing new ideas or finally understanding why something just isn’t working for your company. A great example of this came when one of our attendees expressed that they were struggling to view the microstructure of a special Titanium. The METaL tutors possess a vast bank of knowledge which can be tapped into by course attendees, and although this wasn’t explicitly taught on the course, the tutor worked with the attendee to form a solution which worked, solving the issue for the company in question. In this particular example, METaL not only provided a valuable learning experience for the attendee, but also gave a great return on investment for their employer. 

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